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Portable RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine For Home Use

Portable RF Face Lift Device Radio Frequency Facial Machine for Home Use. A multi-function beauty device combined Radio Frequency(RF Thermage) and Infrared functions together.

Product Details

Portable RF Face Lift Device Radio Frequency Facial Machine for Home Use

Basic Info

Item No.: FF4380

Material: ABS

Dimension: 157 * 40 * 42 mm

Weight: 170 g

Power Supply: AC 100-240V

Output: DC 5V/0.8A

Max Power: 5W

Certification: CE, ROHS

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Warranty: 1 Year

Package Include

  • 1 pc RF Radio Frequency beauty instrument

  • 1 pc charge station

  • 1 pc AC charging adapter

  • 1 pc user manual

Packing List

CTN SIZE: 49.5 * 36 * 48 CM


N.W.: 14 KG

G.W.: 15 KG

Main Features

1. Multi-function: Radio Frequency (RF Machine) and Infrared Function

2. RF radio frequency machine input a high frequency electromagnetic energy to the subcutaneous tissue for inspiring the dermis collagen cell's shrinkage and regeneration

3. Multipolar array electrode design to increase the contact surface

4. Infrared function improves blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism and activates the cells

What is RF? Why use RF in cosmetic?

RF means Radio Frequency, also called thermage. Cosmetic is a kind of heat pentration therapy.

RF radio frequency facial machine input a high frequency ac electromagnetic energy to the subcutaneous tissue.

Inspire the dermis collagen cell’s shrinkage and regeneration, increase the thickness and density of the dermis. Lift and remove the wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and luster.

Three major characteristics of RF radio frequency machine

Safe: Non-surgical, non-intrusion, non-anesthesia, non-injections, non-pain, non-gen non-trace, without recovery, high safety

Fast:  Instant tightening skin, a treatment can easily make skin flabby and immediately

Lasting:  Keep lasting long, high efficiency make the skin collagen with reborn. In 2-6 months, the wrinkles disappear gradually, and make the skin younger

Infrared treatment

Infrared is a kind of life of electromagnetic wave. Its wavelength is between 4-14 microns and with very strong permeability, can penetrate into human subcutaneous tissues at 15 cm, with human cells to produce resonance and accelerate metabolism.

When the infrared is absorbed by the body tissue, it can produce a thermal force which is beneficial to human body and repaired the human body cell as penetrating into body tissue. The physical properties of the infrared: activate the biological macromolecules activity. To promote and improve blood circulation; Increase metabolism, eliminate inflammation, eliminate edema.

Product Pictures

RF Radio Frequency Machine

Portable RF Radio Frequency Machine

Multipolar Array Electrode of RF Radio Frequency Machine

Radio Frequency Machine Home Use

RF Radio Frequency-Facial Thermage Machine for Facial SPA

RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine Package

As a factory experiencing in producing portable rf radio frequency facial machine for home use which is designed for different kinds of skin, we are capable of offering you Skin Tightening Machines wholesale service, welcome to buy our products made in China at a competitive price.

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