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Ultrasonic Facial SPA Ionic Tender Skin Beauty Instrument

This Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Device is a multi-function comprehensive beauty instrument. It combines the most effective 4 skin care high techs: Ultrasonic, Positive Ion/Negative Ion and Heat Therapy.

Product Details

Ultrasonic Facial SPA Ionic Tender Skin Beauty Instrument

Ultrasonic Facial SPA

Product Specification

Model No.KC-3100
Unit Size203 * 50.5 * 60 mm
Weight167 g
MaterialsABS + Stainless Steel
Ultrasonic Frequency3 MHz
Applicable Parts
Face, Neck
Input VoltageDC 5V
Working VoltageDC 3.7V
Max Power1.5W
Ionic Voltage10V
Battery1000 mAh
CertificationCE, ROHS
Warranty1 Year

Package Include

* 1 pc ultrasonic ionic tender skin beauty instrument

* 1 pc micro USB cable

* 1 pc user manual

* 1 pc portable plush pouch

* 1 pc high-end gift box

Main Features

  • Ultrasonic vibration smashes stubborn dirt and helps to open pores

  • Thermotherapy (also called Heat Therapy) + 3 MHz ultrasonic rejuvenation

  • Effectively lead-out dirt and blackhead out of pores via positive ion

  • Deeply lead-in nutrition of skin care products via negative ion

Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Device Pictures

Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Instrument Details

Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Instrument 01

Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Instrument 02

Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Instrument 03


Shipping Method of Ultrasonic Ion Beauty Device

As a factory experiencing in producing ultrasonic facial spa ionic tender skin beauty instrument which is designed for different kinds of skin, we are capable of offering you Ultrasound Skin Care wholesale service, welcome to buy our products made in China at a competitive price.

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