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Beauty and the Multifunction Beauty Tool Anion Import Sonic Care Eye Massager

Eye Massager Benefits for Eye Strain and Headache

This article will explain the benefits from using an eye massager for the relief of headache and eye strain symptoms. Eye massagers are also beneficial for relieving the pain of migraine.
There are many of us who use a computer screen for long periods of time and suffer tired eyes and eyestrain symptoms as a result. Many of us also suffer from the pain of migraine headaches which even prescription medication cannot completely alleviate.

First, let’s see how manual eye massage can be beneficial.
How Can Eye Massage Help
If you can use simple massage techniques on other tired muscles such as in the back, neck and shoulders, it stands to reason that tired eye muscles can also be helped in this way.
● By using a fingertip from each hand on each of your upper eyelids, massage each eyelid against the brow bone for just a few seconds.
● Repeat the action with each of your lower lids against the orbital bone that you can feel beneath your eyes.
● If you are concerned about pulling or stretching the skin of this delicate area, you can also perform this technique through a warm, well wrung out washcloth or even a warm towel. This technique not only helps to relax the tired muscles but may relieve the uncomfortable feelings associated with eye strain by stimulating the tear glands.

While manual eye massage indeed help, it’s not so convenient. A warm, well wrung out washcloth or a warm towel is not always available. Besides, for a beautiful elegent women, it seems not so FASHION! Thanks to current high-tech and biotech,  the Sonic Care Eye Massager combines all the Functions with Fashion design.
Multifunction Beauty Tool Anion Import Sonic Care Eye Massager Functions and How It Works
● Remove eye bags, dark circles, fine lines and crow’s feet with a single handheld device! By stimulating the eyes and the surrounding skin area, it can improve blood supply around the eyes, improve the aqueous humor circulation, adjust eye pressure, relieve eyes fatigue, effectively eliminate eye swelling, minimize fine lines, remove bacterial plaque, whiten eye skin, etc.
● With the anion import and gentle vibration to stimulating your skin effectively absorb skin care products while massage, promote the blood circulation to relieve eye’s fatigue and puffiness. And the blue wave can rapidly release skin sags, eliminate wrinkles, tighten pores, relieve dark circles and non-invasively tighten the skin.
● 42℃ heated treatment: It will keep producing yellow wave energy after turning on the unique heat button, which helps to promote partial blood circulation, improve the ability of repair, speed up renewal of collagen, promote the abreaction and localization of inflammation, and reduce local swelling.
● It is lightweight and compact measuring only about 5 inches long, which is small enough to put in your makeup bag, so you can take it anywhere you go.
● Fashion and Unique Design: Industrial Design Patent & Utility Model Patent

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