Are Facial Cleansing Brushes Good or Bad for Face?

Are facial cleansing brush good or bad?

Higher cleaning efficiency


The vibration frequency of the facial cleansing brush is completely inaccessible by hand in every minute. It can wash your face thoroughly in a short period of time. And the brush head can better clean up the corners of your face, such as your nose, and if you make up every day, you may find the facial cleansing brush is very effective.


Cleaning time is more reasonable


Most facial cleansing brushes have set-time reminders, like the sunmay’s facial wash, which stops for 20 seconds every two minutes to remind you to move from one area of your face to another. Hand washing often forgets time and leads to excessive cleaning.


Adjustable vibration frequency


Most facial cleansing brushes can adjust their own vibration frequency, such as sunmay’s silica gel facial brush, which has 15 adjustable speed. It is recommended to use lower speed in the morning to clean the face, and then use the middle and high grade in the evening to clean the face deeply.


Has a certain exfoliation function


The cleansing brush is much more efficient than the hand, and with non-smooth contact surfaces such as brushes, aging cutin is easy to take away. Your face may feel smooth, delicate and elastic. For the T-zone whitehead, it will also have the improvement effect.


What type of skin is suitable for face-washing brushes:


Aging and cuticle thick skin

Acne prone skin

Mixed skin T area

Oily and no barrier damage skin


Sensitive skin and face with severe abscess and wound, or undergoing medical cosmetic treatment, try not to use it

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