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Classification of infrared thermometer

Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

Infrared thermometers can be divided into-contact infrared thermometer non-contact infrared thermometer

Common-contact infrared thermometer ear thermometer, thermometer, and multi-functional thermometer, as long as one second, you can accurately measured temperature from the ear. When the baby sustained fever, can be measured at any time, and quickly learned that the temperature changes. When used gently straighten the ear canal, measuring head ear canal according to the temperature at the top of a second, can LCD read out accurate at least points after an accurate temperature, this product is safe and secure, when used to replace protective pouches, bacterial infections can be avoided, even if the family is shared is safe and secure.

Non contact infrared thermometer temperature gun is the most common, long knee to realize the measurement of body temperature. Simply aim the probe head, press the measurement button, measurements can be obtained in just a few seconds, very suitable for use in acute and seriously ill patients, the elderly, infants and young children. But the early users not familiar with this mode of operation, might get several different measurements, generally measured maximum value is the data. Users familiar with would be more satisfied with the thermometer.

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