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Considerations when steaming the face is used

Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

Steaming the face salon every 10 minutes or so, allergic skin for about 5 minutes; Cold Jet of steam for 20 minutes. Time may be slightly longer in winter, summer is short. Skin two or three times per week; drug fumigation treatment 1 times a day. Fumigation spray spray gas should be based on the strength, size, and cosmetic surgery patients sensitive to adjusting the steam nozzle distance from facial skin, usually about 20 cm.

Use steam because cosmetic surgery is the face with the aid instrument spray, even boiling water for completion, safety and comfort cannot be ignored. To ensure safety, should be closely observed at any time during use of spray conditions, container of the water level in water should not exceed the boundaries of police, so as to avoid skin suddenly ejected scalding water; fumigation should be relaxed, should also pay attention to the patency of the instrument, to avoid uneven spray effects or inadequate heating care effects and moods and feelings in the care process.

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