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Easy Way to Learn What is Infrared and Infrared Therapy

Sunmay International | Updated: Sep 13, 2017
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Infrared is a kind of life of electromagnetic wave. Its wavelength is between 4-14 microns and with very strong permeability, can penetrate into human subcutaneous tissues at 15 cm, with human cells to produce resonance and accelerate metabolism.

When the infrared is absorbed by the body tissue, it can produce a thermal force which is beneficial to human body and repaired the human body cell as penetrating into body tissue. The physical properties of the infrared: 

Activate the biological macromolecules activity;

Promote and improve blood circulation; 

Increase metabolism, eliminate inflammation, eliminate edema.

Infrared Therapy function improves blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism and activates the cells.

Infrared Therapy and RF Skin Tightening Device.jpg

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