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Electronic thermometer application types

Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

1) hard-stick: a family of universal application, using a thermometer of axillary and oral measurements.

2) soft-stick: soft front-end electronic thermometers can be bent freely, multi-directional, no dead ends, suitable for all parts of the measure, in General, can be oral, axillary, anal three methods.

3) pacifiers: baby nipple digital thermometer is carefully designed and manufactured for the physiological characteristics of infants and young children. Component design using smooth curves, curvature based on baby lips, silicone nipple embedded temperature sensors. Nipple type digital thermometer

Electronic thermometer temperature measurement sites
 1. after booting the thermometer probe in the cavity under the tongue, oral temperature can be measured.

2. will power on after the electronic thermometer probe at the center of the armpit, axillary temperature can be measured.

3. unable to test cases of oral and armpit, boot electronic thermometer probe inserted into the rectum, into the depths of no more than electronic thermometer with a total length of 1/2.

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