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Electronic thermometer briefly

Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

Electronic thermometer consists of a temperature sensor, LCD monitors, button battery, application specific integrated circuits and other electronic components. To quickly and accurately measure the body temperature, compared with traditional glass Mercury thermometer, with easy to read, short measurement time, high measurement accuracy, advantages of that memory and beep signals, especially the electronic clinical thermometer mercury, harmless to human body and the surrounding environment, especially suitable for families, hospitals and other occasions.
Electronic thermometer
Electronic clinical thermometer
Electronic thermometer using physical parameters of certain substances, such as voltage, current and resistance, and determine the relationship between ambient temperature and the temperature displayed in digital form.
Indication accuracy for its shortcomings is that electronic components and battery condition and other factors than a glass thermometer.
Characteristics of a semiconductor whose resistance varies with temperature changes
Electronic thermometer industry originated in China in 1998, an annual rate of above 30% development so far after more than 10 years. As much as or even more than 10 times the number of profit margins, lower barriers and technical barriers to attract a large number of enterprises to enter the industry. Currently domestic emerged out has size more than 80 more than electronic temperature meter brand, both "Omron", and "baby of companion", and "Czech Granville", industry led of foreign brand, also has "Haier", and "times, Kang", and "yukang", and "China e", and "world better", and "huaan", and "rehabilitation", and "Hong Chong", and, quickly development grow of domestic brand, future tries to into the industry of production manufacturers will reached more than 50 more than. Because the industry gradually standardized electronic thermometer consumption and a new round of upsurge of, after 2009, electronic thermometer products industry has entered a period of unprecedented development, the rapid development of markets is pregnant with huge business opportunities.

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