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Electronic thermometer how to buy

Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

1, Visual inspection.
Digital thermometers generally doing exquisite, smooth surface, without defects.
2, power up check.
Switch button in General, see show markup and manual on a consistent, disconnect the power supply again and see if the same display the correct tag, if after repeated power switching test, correctly labeled displayed are the same and display the temperature under the arm agreement stating that the repeatability of electronic thermometer is good. If exception is displayed (over temperature), the electronic thermometer's battery, or bad contact somewhere.
3, accuracy check.
Press the switch key, 188.8 mark appears on the LCD monitor. Place the thermometer under the tongue for 1 minutes, when Mark c stops flashing and when there is a beep beep and displays the readings for temperature, this is the oral temperature. Repeated multiple times, oral body temperature should be the same, if not identical, then the bad table repeat, cannot be used, nor accuracy checking needs to be done, if the oral temperature is exactly the same, you can temperature under the arm when c mark stop blinking and beeping when the beep, displays the readings for temperature under the arm. Similarly, multiple times, and underarm temperature values the same. Normal oral temperature about 1 degree higher than the temperature under the arm, if the oral temperature is higher than the temperature under the arm of the test too much, or too little, you can view the electronic thermometer accuracy is not satisfactory.
4, if the thermometer under the tongue after 1 minute, remove the c mark continue to Flash, you will need to cut off the electronic thermometer power off for 5 minutes then plugged, repeat the measurement. Under normal circumstances, from behind the mouth temperature, display no longer flashes. If still intermittent flashes, the table will have problems, cannot be used.
5, is not regular factory production, standard class II medical device, there is no service, have a telephone address, packaging information, queries can also go to the related company official website.

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