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General Guide to Use Ultrasonic Massagers

Sunmay International | Updated: Oct 31, 2017
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How to Use Ultrasonic Massagers

--- A General Guide to Use Ultrasonic Massagers

Once you have washed the skin area you intend to treat, apply conductive gel to your skin and move your ultrasonic beauty massager following the directions below. Do not remain on the same spot, and take care not to overstimulate the area. 10 minutes is a good general rule for each area treated.

Note that this guide is only general, and not intended to supercede any instructions that come with your particular unit. Different units have different intensities, different treatment times, different functions, and different sized heads, all of which will affect details of exactly how to apply the device.

Ultrasonic Massager on Main Facial Area

Ultrasonic Massager on Main Facial Area.png

Ultrasonic Massager on Facial Target Area

Ultrasonic Massager on Facial Target Area.png

Ultrasonic Massager on Body Front

Ultrasonic Massager on Body Front.png

Ultrasonic Massager on Pelvis

Ultrasonic Massager on Pelvis.png

Ultrasonic Massager on Body Back

Ultrasonic Massager on Body Back.png

Ultrasonic Massager on Ass Area

Ultrasonic Massager on Ass.png

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