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Handy Nano Mister For Eyelash Extensions

Sunmay International | Updated: Sep 07, 2017
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Handy Nano Mister For Eyelash Extensions

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Having a handy nano mister available during your Eyelash Extensions services is key to ending any service. Applied at the end of the service before drying, the Nano Mister applies an ultra-fine mist of water mist to the lashes. This cures the glue and allows it to dry faster and more consistently. Perfect for low to moderate humidity levels, Nano misters are a must have!

Perfect to cure the eyelash extension adhesive after application to greatly minimize eye irritation. Mist eyelashes from a distance of 8-10 inches away and gently sweep from side to side. One 60 second mist is plenty for both eyes, 12ml water tank. Handy Nano Mister cures adhesive within 4 hours, soothes eyes, no fumes or irritation!

Important: Use only filtered water!

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