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People Who Should Avoid RF Beauty Device

Sunmay International | Updated: Oct 19, 2017
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People Who Should Avoid RF Beauty Device

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  • People who has acute disease and being in treatment.

  • Growing and adolescent children.

  • People who has hypertension and/or who use steroids causing telangiectasia.

  • People who has allergies and sensitive physique, especially who has metal allergy.

  • People who has dermatitis and/or dermatosis.

  • People who are excessive fatigue, after drink or has other physical condition issues.

  • Women in pregnancy, menstruation and lactation.

  • People who are in dental treatment.

  • People who takes sleeping pills.

  • Heart disease patients.

Note: Other people please consult your physician before use RF beauty devices!

Body Areas Which Should Avoid RF Devices

Wound, Surgery areas, Body has metal implants, Mouth, Pussy, Sunburn areas, Eyeball areas and so on.

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