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Plasma Lift Ion Beauty Tool

Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 07, 2017
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Plasma Lift Ion Beauty Tool

Introduction to Plasma

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, which include solid, liquid, and gas. When energy is applied to solid, it turns into liquid and gas, and, when a high energy is applied to gas at tens of thousands of degree, the gas is separated into electrons and atomic nucleus, thereby, turning into plasma.

Plasma has a strong sterilizing effect because it involves a physical action such as particle collisions and chemical ones such as membrane degradation and sterilization. The ions and radicals created as a result of these actions degrade surrounding harmful molecules. Because of the synergy effect of its physical and chemical actions, plasma is used in various fields including bio technology.

Plasma Lift Ion Beauty ToolNew technology for skin rejuvenation treatment by Plasma discharge.

Plasma Lift Ion Beauty Tool

Types of treament

  • Deep and shallow wrinkles

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Acnes after the acute phase

  • Prevention of scars formation

  • Couperose(spider vein)

  • Pigmentation spots

  • Stretch mark

  • Wart

  • Skin tags

  • Open pores

  • Hyperkeratosis

Principle of Operation

Tips:  Apply a thin layer of special gel to improve the conductivity of the skin.

Plasma discharge is generated by a safe high voltage. Plasma is ionized gas composed of ions and electrons. The plasma discharge can induce ions to change the position and get them through the membrane.

When the voltage of the cell membrane increases, membrane is stretched. Thanks to the charge of the dislocation of the cations on the inner and outer side of the membrane, the membrane potential can get back to equilibrium, the cells return to the normal activities, thus achieving the skin rejuvenation effects.

Each cell has the membrane potential(difference between the electrical potentials of two sides of the cells membrane). On the inner side of the cells membrane is the negative charge and on the outer side is the positive charge. However the electrical charge(potential) is distributed unequally alongside the cells membrane due to the ageing of the cells and thus the electrical voltage of the membrane is changing, affecting the cells normal activities, therefore causing different skin disorder; for instant deep winkles, hyperkeratosis, pigment sports, acnes and couperose etc.

The technology of Plasma generates plasma flow, acting on the skin tissues, it starts the specific mechanism of reaction. It causes very efficient peeling, tissue regeneration, reinforcement and higher flexibility. It also strengthen the resistance and immunity of the tissue, the skin has been tightened and smooth after the treatment.

Is Plasma Lift Safe?

The skin treatment by Plasma is absolutely natural, changes in the skin are achieved by physiology way. No chemical additives are put inside the skin. This method is safe and no side effect.

Compared to treatment by surgery, plasma lift ion beauty tool is more comfortable and much cheaper. Surely, it takes more time than surgery. So please have a little patience.

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