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Ultrasonic Massage Applied in Beauty Industry

Sunmay International | Updated: Sep 21, 2017
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Ultrasound or Ultrasonic beauty exploits the same technology which doctors use in antenatal scans for pregnant women, pain-killing effects, and possible benefits to healing of fractures and scar tissue - but in its beauty application it penetrates a few millimeters beneath the skin to reach the adipose tissue where cellulite is trapped.

Muscle and bone have been found to absorb more ultrasonic energy than other heterogeneous tissues, because they better reflect the longitudinal waves of ultrasound, transforming them into transverse waves to create a warming massage effect. This happens most commonly in the areas between muscle and bone or between the muscle and tendon.

By applying ultrasonic waves to these areas, physical therapists can take advantage of this thermal effect to reduce inflammation and increase mobility in the joints. Similarly in beauty, Ultrasound sets up invisible micro-vibrations deep within in the cells, stimulating changes to the appearance of skin and underlying tissues, when used as an adjunct to best-practices routines for optimum health and beauty. That's why Ultrasound / Ultrasonic become so popular in Beauty & Personal Care Industry.

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