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Ultrasonic Skin Spatula A Better Cleansing Device

Sunmay International | Updated: Oct 30, 2017
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Ultrasonic Skin Spatula A Better Cleansing Device

Using ultrasonic skin spatulas (or ultrasonic skin scrubbers) has been a popular facial device in day spas and salons for decades.

It's a multifunctional device that can be used for peeling, extractions, exfoliation and massage as well as product penetration.

How does the ultrasonic skin scrubber fare against other cleansing tools and devices?

1. Ultrasonic skin spatula is gentler on sensitive skin.

Ultrasonic Skin Spatula Gentler on Sensitive Skin.png

2. Ultrasonic skin spatula is more hygienic to use.

Ultrasonic Skin Spatula More Hygienic to Use.png

3. Ultrasonic skin spatula makes your other skin care products work better.

Ultrasonic Skin Spatula Makes Skin Care Products Work Better.png

4. Upkeep of ultrasonic skin spatula is more affordable.

Ultrasonic Skin Spatula Upkeep More Affordable.png

5. Ultrasonic skin spatula gives you that nice, clean feeling after.

Ultrasonic Skin Spatula Gives You Nice Clean Feeling.png

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