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Usage of electronic thermometer

Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

1. Thermometer before use with alcohol to disinfect the thermometer head. Electronic thermometer function chart

2. Press the switch, the buzzer beeps immediately, the display as shown in figure a, the time for about 2 seconds.

3. Then the display shows the last temperature shown in Figure b (if the last measurement of 36.5 ℃), and continued for about 2 seconds. And may be displayed on the monitor as shown in c. The "c" symbol flashes, indicates the thermometer is in the side. (If room temperature is above 32 degrees Celsius, the thermometer will display the room temperature does not display such as d shown in the figure, and the "c" symbol flashing)

4. Put the thermometer for temperature. Temperature display the temperature gradually rises, and the "c" symbol flashes continuously.

5. When the speed of temperature rise in 16 seconds is less than 0, 1 c, the "c" symbol stops flashing, while the thermometer a about 5 seconds beep prompt sound when thermometer measurement is complete, you can read the temperature values are displayed.

6. Thermometer with automatic shutdown function will be measured automatically within 10 minutes after shutdown. But in order to extend battery life, it is recommended that users after the measurement, press the power button to turn off power.

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