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What is Microcurrent Therapy?

Sunmay International | Updated: Jun 09, 2017
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What is Microcurrent Therapy?


Microcurrent Therapy involves electricity at a cellular level. It is known for being an almost invisible healer, the patient does not feel the microcurrent. Although we often recommend microcurrent for people suffering from anxiety, headaches, and other neural and nerve-related symptoms, microcurrent therapy is for anyone who wants to return to 100% bodily function.

Here's What You Need to Know:

What is Microcurrent Therapy?

Now we don't want you envisioning the electric machine from the Princess Bride with its life-sucking torture power. Microcurrent therapy is nearly the opposite! It sends mild electrical current throughout your cells so that they can be examined through a mini-electrical generator. Microcurrent promotes communication between different kinds of cells in the body, restoring the tissue frequencies, neutralizing inflammation, and improving function. With the greatly increased ATP production of the cells (the body's form of energy), existing disease is fought off faster and for good.

Where did Microcurrent Therapy come from?

As far back as the invention and widespread use of electricity, the body in relation to its own electrical currents has been studies. In the 1830s Carlo Matteucci was actually able to measure the electrical current in an injured tissue! While its popularity diminished with the rise of penicillin, bioelectricity has always been used to heal wounds, broken bones, scar tissue, and bacterial diseases ever since. In fact, in the 1990s, a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded to German scientists Dr. Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sakmann for their work on the patch-clamp technique that detects minute electrical currents in cell membranes. From there, many kinds of ions were discovered to have their own electrical channels. These channels can be influenced (think along the lines of acupuncture without needles and with greater results)!

Who benefits from Microcurrent Therapy?

Anyone who adds microcurrent therapy to their treatments sessions will benefit with greater range of motion, reduction in muscle pain, and enhanced blood flow throughout the body. The FDA-approved treatment typically lasts 30 minutes, but several sessions are recommended. Microcurrent therapy is not recommended for patients with pacemakers or pregnancy.


Many companies manufacture microcurrent devices for both professional and personal use and microcurrent is in use as a "complementary" veterinary modality.

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