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Beauty Makeup Eggs Tips: How To Save Powder, How To Clean, How To Avoid Mold
Sunmay International | Updated: Dec 03, 2018

Beauty makeup eggs make many sisters love and hate, 

love is the makeup speed block, easy to operate, and the makeup is natural. 

The natural thing that hates is powder absorption, it is not easy to clean and it is easy to mold. How to improve these problems?

Point 1. Be sure to squeeze the water out of the make-up egg and then squeeze it out, instead of spraying it with a spray.

Beauty eggs are generally non-latex materials that get bigger when they are wet. Only thoroughly wet water makes the makeup eggs completely bigger. The pores in the beauty eggs are fully open. These pores are like a path, sucking when applying makeup. Powder powder will be smooth. (This is also one of the criteria for judging the quality of a beautiful makeup egg. Look at the stomata, look back at the rebound, and see the softness of the wet water.) With the spray, only the beauty of the egg can be partially exposed to water, and the stomata cannot Fully open, sucking powder and vomiting will encounter some blockage.

Suggestion: Directly get under the faucet and gently squeeze the beauty egg while flushing, to help the beautiful egg to absorb water better, until it can not be bigger, just squeeze the water out, 80% dry Look like that. It is moist, but it doesn't squeeze out moisture. At this time, it is best to apply makeup.

As shown in the figure, the beauty egg that has been wet and squeezed out of water can be seen with even and fine pores.


Point 2. Squeeze the makeup on the back of the hand instead of applying the entire face.

The beauty video of almost all beauty bloggers is to apply the foundation to the entire face, and then evenly smear the moisture of the beauty egg with wet water. This method of makeup is simple and quick, but the make-up eggs are relatively powdery. You can squeeze the foundation on the back of your hand and roll it into a coin size. Then squeeze the water with wet water every time to remove the beauty of the eggs. In this case, the foundation of the cosmetic egg is a thin layer at a time, and is easily released to the face by pressing, and not only the makeup is natural, but also the cosmetic powder is less.

(1.) Squeeze the cosmetics on the back of the hand,


(2). Pry the foundation on the back of the hand to make it a coin.


(3.) Take a proper amount of foundation with a beautiful makeup egg and you can see it. The beauty egg has only a thin layer, so it is easy to release to the face by pressing, and the makeup is light and natural.4

4. Make-up eggs after makeup

It can be seen that there is less residual makeup on the makeup eggs.



Because the beauty eggs are generally non-latex materials that have become larger in water, if the water content is high and the moisture is thin and thin, the makeup eggs will actually be relatively powdered.

Cleaning point:

1. The recommended cleaning frequency is 5-7 days. Washing often, especially once, is very bad.

2. Cleaning tools: soap (cheap, clean).

3. Cleaning process: Wet the beauty egg thoroughly and gently squeeze it out. Apply soap, then squeeze gently, let the soap take away the cosmetics left in the beauty egg, rinse and repeat several times. Until the water that squeezes out the beauty egg is clean water, wash it off. Then squeeze the water out again, soak the water with a clean towel or toilet paper and place it in a cool, well-ventilated place. Do not expose to the sun. When cleaning, remember not to press hard, be careful to shave, she is a soft little sponge, not a hard and strong big stone. Do not wash with detergent. The detergent will make the rebound of the beauty egg worse.

Anti-forming point:

1. Do not put the bathroom, moist and breed bacteria.

2. Whenever you use it, you can put beautiful eggs on the egg rack and wrap them in toilet paper to avoid dust entering! Convenience! Mold and breeding bacteria are not easy.

3. If you need to travel and carry, you must let the beautiful eggs dry to store!


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