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Benefits Of Using A Steam Face
Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

Folding high water
By means of science and technology, Nano-high temperature water into mist of particles, can be used to open the pores, nano-particles of water directly absorbed through the skin, water efficient, safe, and thorough. Beauty salon professional steam compared it to save money, save time, and good results, not subject to technical restrictions, home or Office or even to go out whenever feasible.
Folding deep cleansing
Use steam steam spray for your face steaming the face skin can make hair follicles and keratinocytes, softening and cleansing, massage to clear away dirt and keratinized cells of the follicles deep and can thoroughly remove dirt and makeup, make the skin crisp, smooth and delicate. To reduce or eliminate facial skin Melanosis, controlling facial discoloration, smooth and delicate facial skin. In addition, the skin affected by the heat after the fumigation, enhance flexibility of the skin and wrinkle reduction.
Fold and improving circulation
Steam spray out the face of nano-scale high temperature spray of particles can improve the microcirculation of the skin, enhance the nutrition of the skin, nerves, blood vessels, keeping the skin red, shiny and soft.
Folding promoting regeneration
Through steam face after Ion Nano-high temperature spray of particles rich in oxygen ions, produced by injection on oxygen ion impact helps increase skin absorption. In the presence of the thermal effect, strengthens the skin's oxygen metabolism, increases oxygenation of hemoglobin oxygen release in your organization, make the skin of oxygen improve, reduces edema, congestion, itching and exudation of skin and so on, can promote the healing and regeneration of epithelial cells of skin lesions.
Folding bactericidal anti-inflammatory
Latest steaming the face is generally equipped with ozone generator, produce ozone in instrumentation, has bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect.
Folding pore
General people will think long-term using steam face device do fill water will makes pores variable big, actually this facts is not such, in using steam face device fill water of when, due to instrument produced of heat, can short time within makes pores open, softening pores within of dirt, in steam finished face zhihou if rates with temperature hot clean, so pores within of dirt on is easy was cleaning off (this when tie clean surface instrument clean effect will better), cleaning zhihou again with cold water enough about, makes pores fast contraction, such do pores will increasingly fine!
Steaming the face can soften the skin pore dilation and to make it completely from the dirt, grease, and can accelerate blood circulation, but also to shrink enlarged pores.

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