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Cleansing Instrument Of Attention Problems
Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

1. Electric and manual cleansing instrument on which is better?

Answer: b! Electric cleaning apparatus speed uniformity can be controlled manually because the cleaning does not guarantee exact, easily lead to excessive cleaning or cleaning is not in place.

2. Brush hair how long does it take to clean again?

Answer: after each use! Disconnect from the power supply in the flow of water after washing the face turning in 30 seconds. Recommendation 3 months change the brush!

3. In addition to cleaning of the face, can also be used in other parts of the body do?

A: of course! Body cuticle and dirt needs to be clean and lotion applied to the sites you want, you can switch on the instrument, just wash your face and body brush head should be used separately.

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