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Daily Skin Care Tips
Sunmay International | Updated: Dec 22, 2018

1. You can massage your skin. You can close your eyes while gently closing your eyes, so that your skin can rest and relieve fatigue. (If you use a computer, massage after washing your hands).

2, wash your face before going to bed, for men to develop such a good habit, no matter how often you stay up late, but also pay attention to wash your face before going to bed. The water for face washing can be used in a staggered manner, which can better remove the bags under the eyes.

3, remedies: is to put a small cup into the refrigerator, freeze for 15 minutes, then immerse a small piece of cotton pad in the tea, and then apply it to the eyes, so that you can ease the bags under the eyes.

4, eye cream + massage: first apply the eye cream on the underside of the eyelids to improve the effect of the eye bags. Press the middle finger of both hands on both sides of the eyes and pull firmly toward the temple until the eyes feel tight. Keep your eyes closed and then open them, then let go and repeat 6 times.

5, do not often go to stay up all night, usually take some skin hydration often, if your skin is very dry, then you should pay attention to timely hydrating, so that the skin can be well balanced.

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