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Facial Cleansing Apparatus Using The Eight Points For Attention
Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

Cleansing instrument was used, more and more people, but many people feedback cleanser is not so good, even worse skin more washed up, then the cleansing instrument the proper use, which requires us to avoid misunderstanding, here to tell you!
Error: amount of cleansing milk is not enough
If the amount of cleansing milk is not enough, of course, that's a good cleaning skin! you can use on the washing machine the brush color as the base, fill the range with cleansing milk with a thin standard weight is about it!
Myth: shared with others using brushes
First of all, do not share brush heads with someone else!!! Just as we will not be sharing a toothbrush with someone, sharing brushes and others may even face the bacteria also exchange ... ... The consequences can be imagined.
Myth three: no cleaning brush head
As the cleaning brush head face the task, each time after use, of course, to keep it clean, even without a special cleaner to clean or wash with shampoo!
Myth four: because acne is to stop using
Washing machine vibration and brush head are designed, in addition to focusing on cleaning effect also with no harm to the skin as a overarching principles, so long the acne is still safe to use. As long as keep washing process the principle of no more than 60 seconds, you do not need to worry about excessive irritation of the skin.
Myth five: no cleaning body
In addition to excess brush, the fuselage was prone to filth, so check carefully for at least a month to clean body again!
Myth six: and exfoliating creams used
Wash brush gentle exfoliation brush head itself has some features, but if the washing machine vibration mix particles on coarse scrub, may be excessively clean so that the possibility of harm to the skin, especially sensitive muscle friends please do not try!
Myth seven: no regular replacement brush head
No matter how carefully clean the brush head, brush head when there will need to be replaced. About change the brush head every 3 months, could well play out of the washing machine brush head design effect.
Myth eight: lack of water
Wash by hand with the same token, not enough water will not blister easily. Before use, be sure to remember to wet brush head!

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