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How To Choose Facial Instruments
Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

1. cleansing choice of instrument cleaning method Gao Duanjie instrument commonly used by Sonic vibrations cleanse, do not need to press the face skin, control of high frequency sound waves vibrate at a certain frequency range can be achieved open pore deep cleansing effect. Normal cleansing instrument using rotating clean face, brush head firmly pressing on the facial skin, prone to physical friction injury. 2. brush head of quality and functionality Are many types of skin skin, thus the need for different skin types of brushes are available. Meanwhile, brush quality is critical, the bristles on the brush and brush head lapping methods are factors to be considered. 3. Security Due to the cleansing apparatus is used in a damp environment, security an essential consideration. The airtight fuselage on the one hand, on the other hand is the product of the waterproof rating, IPX7 waterproof rating refers to the provisions of the real conditions even if the whole body soaked in water is still in use. 4. service guarantee Perfect after-sales service have to be taken into account, the warranty terms is also important. 5. formal design brand products, as well as research and development ability Manufacturer of formal protection for aftermarket products, secondly the upgrade and derivative products development and technical

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