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How To Do A Daily Skin Care
Sunmay International | Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Step 1: Cleansing face must be removed before cleansing! It is best to choose a weakly acidic cleansing product for cleaning, wash your face alternately with 30~33 degrees of warm water and cold water, and finally dry with a dry towel! The cleaning work is done to increase the absorption capacity of the skin.

Step 2: The lotion has a moisturizing effect and can also be used for the second time! After cleansing, when the face is still moist, use a cotton pad with a lotion to gently wipe the face. Don't wait until the face is completely dry before replenishing the water, so that the moisturizing will be greatly reduced. Girls should choose the lotion suitable for you according to your skin condition. Generally, Girls for dry skin should use toner, oily skin with toner, sensitive skin should use anti-allergic water, and it is best not to use cotton pad!

Step 3: Eye Care Eyes are not only the most vulnerable part of the body but also the most susceptible part of aging! Choose the product that suits you, use the ring finger to pick up the size of the rice, gently apply it in a clockwise direction, massage until absorbed. If you want to have a perfect pair of skins, you can't rely on the skin care products alone, but also keep a good night's sleep!

Step 4: Essence essence is determined according to the condition of the skin. Generally speaking, it can be used around 20 years old! Moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging and other different effects have essence products to meet the needs of different skin types, high-concentration products can also improve the state of the skin!

Step 5: Face cream is very important, it can effectively lock the moisture! Choose a slightly thick cream in the winter, and choose the lotion in the summer. The emulsion has a small burden and is suitable for summer use! Emulsions and creams provide a layer of water-locking film to prevent moisture loss and replenish skin nutrients.

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