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Is The Face Brush Really Useful?
Sunmay International | Updated: Nov 14, 2018


The cleaning effect of the face brush comes from mechanical friction. 

The bristles are very thin and can touch the skin and hair follicles that the hands can't touch. 

This is true whether it is a reciprocating vibration or a circular rotation. Reciprocating vibration Because the bristles have a small range of motion, the friction is smaller than the circumferential shape, so the exfoliation force is relatively weaker (mild).


1. Aging and thick skin layer, real acne skin, mixed skin T area, oil and no barrier damage skin, you can use a face brush.

By exfoliating and cleansing, the skin can be smoother and more delicate. For the T-zone, there will be an improvement (the blackhead is weaker in this respect because there are many root hairs in the blackhead, and the brush can't be brushed in the deep part of the skin). Considering the renewal cycle of the skin, it is not necessary to use it too frequently. It is enough to use it once or twice a week.

2. Sensitive skin, inflammatory skin, dry, it is not recommended to use a face brush.

This type of skin barrier is impaired, lacking sebum membranes, thin stratum corneum, and lack of lipids between the stratum corneum cells, requiring protection rather than double cleaning. This powerful cleaning and exfoliating function can make the barrier damage and telangiectasia.

3, Normal skin, neutral skin, can be used  less.

Use it occasionally, it will not hurt your skin. Use twice a day, each time up to ten or twenty seconds in each area.

Sunmay leaf, an Intimate and considerate facial brush,equiping twenty seconds reminder function,that you can clean your skin without worries.

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