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Nano Vapor Face Of Origin
Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

A pot of hot water, head down low on the basin, allow the steam to penetrate into the skin a little. Incense Kung Fu, the head women's face glowed, like a full moon reflected a smooth round. Then, as Word of mouth, those civilian woman, for in the face of a loved one to have smooth skin, he begins every day with hot water steam, this is the first beauty of steam.
Today our steam method of beauty, of course, has advanced more than their grandmothers. Development of science and technology today, after professional research and development testing, create a professional beauty equipment-steam-face through the instrument directly into nano-scale high temperature water fog particles to make the pores open, Unclog pores, helps skin detoxification, accelerate blood circulation and eliminate dirt, reduce dark spots and wrinkles, facial pink and delicate, white and smooth, energetic health.
But when face with steaming water and beauty to be carried out in strict accordance with the procedures, if the face too close from the spray, might burn face too far may not have the effect distance 20cm is appropriate. The frequency of normal skin is 4-5 times a week, sensitive skin around 2 times a week.

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