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Steaming The Face Is The Use Of Steps
Sunmay International | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

Deep water steps

Cleaning: washing before using steam face facial!

Steaming the face: open the instrument face from deep water spray 20cm, probably about 10 minutes.

Care: use after having steamed face deep water, daily skin care based on care, such as mask lotions, cream, cream, etc.

Pore steps

Cleaning: before using steam face cleansing facial, and then prepare a basin of warm water!

Clearance: finished with deep water after the steaming the face, because the instrument's warm, the pores will open and using prepared warm water with cleanser to clean deep facial (combined cleansing instrument at this time would be better), so that dirt can easily be cleaned out of the pores

Contraction: dirt within the pores immediately with cold towels after cleaning out your face, let the pores close up, prevent dirt from entering the pores again!

Care: after staying close the pores, and daily skin care based on care, such as mask lotions, cream, cream, etc.

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