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Sunmay In Alibaba Sales Performance Contest
Sunmay International | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

Sunmay B2B team attend the Alibaba Sales Performance Contest during September 2017.

Sunmay in Alibaba Sales Performance Contest.jpg

Alibaba Sales Performance Contest is organized by Alibaba Group. All participants from different companies divided into different groups will compete with themselves, compete with others. The goal is to challenge yourself, transcend self. Each participant will learn from their teammates, competitors and cooperate with each other. They will learn how to do a better job, how to achieve their goals and how to provide better survice to clients. It will be a good experience and good memory working together with so many others.

Some guys of Sunmay B2B team are addending this year's contest together with many other companies. Hope they can enjoy it, learn from others and better serve the clients. Come on everyone! Good luck!

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