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Sunmay Statement On Intellectual Property Protection
Sunmay International | Updated: Aug 06, 2018

Sunmay Statement on Intellectual Property Protection

Recently, we got feedback from Sunmay official Exclusive Distributor and from Vietnamese customers that there are some individual persons and small companies selling the fake Sunmay products in Vietnam. Their illegal behaviors is doing great harm to Sunmay brand and to all lovely, honest and respectable customers in Vietnam.

We officially urge all the infringers including individual persons and the companies to stop selling fake products and stop using Sunmay brand right away. Sunmay reserve the right to take legal action for any infringement act.

In order to protect the Intellectual Property of Sunmay brand and to avoid customers are mislead by the fake product providers, Sunmay hereby certify that Wakawa VietNam Company Limited is the only one official Exclusive distributor in Vietnam. All the rest are unauthorized and / or selling the fake products. Dear Vietnamese customer, please note that only buying directly from Wakawa VietNam Company Limited is recommended. And in this way, you can enjoy the warranty and return policy.

For more informatoins, please also refer to below links of company news.

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We sincerely wish all customers can enjoy the real Sunmay products and we warmly welcome anyone to report the fake products sellers to Sunmay. Our legal team will follow up and try best to protect Sunmay's Intellectual Property and customers' basic right.

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