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SUNMAY Launched Gua Sha Face Massage And Ion Face Lifting Massager
Sunmay International | Updated: Apr 24, 2017

SUNMAY New Launched Gua Sha Face Massage and Ion Face Lifting Massager

Sunmay beauty and personal care products added a new member. The brand owner Shenzhen Sugarbush Technology new launched a face care tool combaining vibration massage, microcurrent, anion and the ancient mysterious Gua Sha massage.

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medical treatment. It has been proven to be good for health and it's becoming more and more popular all around the world. There are even some famous movies talking about it. Moreover, some super star and Olympic champion are also its fans have been under therapy. To learn more about Gua Sha, please view this article: Gua Sha Massage Knowledge And Its Benefits or Google it by yourself.

Main benefits of Gua Sha face massage and ion face lifting massager:

* Vibration stimulates crow's feet and eyelid laxity which can achieve a firming effect. 

* Facial skin tightening and pore shrink.

* Lift facial contour and remove double chin. 

* Relieves dark circles and puffiness, removes eye bags and wrinkles around eyes.

* Activate collagen cell, increase skin elasticity and whitening.

* Traditional chinese medical treatment: Gua sha massage tool.

Click the product picture to know the details of product:

Gua Sha Ion Facial Lifting Massager

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