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Sunmay Promotions In The US Market
Sunmay International | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

There are lots of customers are interested in some Sunmay's featured products and they would love to try the sample first. But shipping cost from our China factory directly to US is too much expensive, especially for only 1pc sample. It's pity that they were stopped by the expensive shipping cost.

In order to give back to customers, Sunmay is promoting these most frequently asked items in US market. These products together are delivered to US via agency and stocked in US warehouse. It will save much money of sample cost and shipping cost for customers.

Sunmay Gua Sha Ion Face Lifting Massager Promotion in US Market.png

Item 1: Gua Sha Ion Face Lifting Massager         Inventory Status: ONLY 27 pcs Left

Sunmay RF Skin Tightening Device Promotion in US Market.png

Item 2: RF Skin Tightening Device         Inventory Status: ONLY 18 pcs Left

Sunmay Intelligent RF Skin Tightening Device Promotion in US Market

Item 3: Intelligent RF Skin Tightening Device         Inventory Status: ONLY 3 pcs Left

Sunmay Head Massage Hair Growth Comb Promotion in US Market

Item 4: Head Massage Hair Growth Comb          Inventory Status: ONLY 2 pcs Left


1. Promotion only in US market.

2. Each customer can buy ONLY ONE unit of each item.

3. Quantity limited, promotion ends once sold out.

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