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The Principles Of Facial Cleansing
Sunmay International | Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Cleaning is usually done in three ways

Dissolution: water, alcohols can dissolve water-soluble or alcohol-soluble substances, such as salt on the skin surface, makeup ingredients dissolved in alcohol, etc.; if oil-soluble substances, such as anti-watercolor makeup, must use organic solvents such as mineral oil, vegetable oil to dissolve it, then wash it off.

Emulsification: This effect is achieved by what we often call "emuifie". They are directed to oily substances that are insoluble in water (hydrophobic); they are emulsified, uniformly dispersed in water, and then eluted. Cleanser, cleansing powder, facial mousse, etc all belong to this category. For ease of use, these products have produced a variety of forms, such as gel, cream, cream, milk, lotion, block solids, powder, or soak them on non-woven or dust-free paper to form wet wipes, or dry wipes. Of course, the dry and wet wipes may not only have a surfactant, but also can add alcohol, and the fiber structure has a mechanical friction cleaning effect.

Mechanical friction: Mechanical friction refers to the use of mechanical force to directly remove substances from the surface of the skin. The more complete and powerful the friction, the stronger the cleaning power. The hand has a certain amount of friction, but because the surface of the skin has a concave structure such as pores, skin lines, and wrinkles, if the dirt is hidden in these parts, the strength of the hand cannot be touched, and cleaning may require an auxiliary tool such as a face brush. Use the vibration to clean the dirty things out of the pores.

To measure the cleansing ability of a cleaning product, there are two indicators: exfoliation and cleanliness. We can choose the appropriate cleaning product according to our skin condition. Avoid excessive mechanical friction and damage to the skin. It can be combined with an electric wash brush to gently remove the dirt, oils and makeup residues Then we can achieve the perfect cleaning effect. make your skin smooth and glowing.

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