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What Kind Of Eye Massage Is Significant?
Sunmay International | Updated: Nov 20, 2018

There are usually three types of introducers on the market: 



And ions, some of which combine two. 

Generally, there is almost no introduction effect of vibration, the frequency is not high enough, and there is no essential difference between the vibration of the mobile phone and the surface of the mobile phone. 

Ultrasound is caused by high frequency vibrations that help the pores open, so it can help to be less effective. The ingredients are absorbed through the pores, but they are easily saturated, so performance is almost negligible. 

The only effective method is iontophoresis

which forms a negatively charged electric field on the surface of the skin, allowing the active ingredients in the skin to penetrate the stratum corneum and enter the dermis, truly changing the condition of the skin.

Sunmay ion eye massager provide you professional service.

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