3D Face Mask Bracket

Our 3D face mask brackets are made of low-density polyethylene resin, which can firmly fit the face and chin when you are wearing a face mask. The silicone bracket texture is very soft and will not crush the skin. People can wear it for a long time and will get comfortable wearing experiences.

The designer adopts a 3D style design. The 3D mask brackets are very consistent with human face shape or the nose bridge, increasing breathing space and helping to breathe smoothly. Breathing will be more smooth, flexible and comfortable. The face brackets are suitable for men, women, and children. Users can also use scissors to cut the edges to change the shape of the bracket to fit best.

These brackets are suitable for running, climbing, cycling, work, shopping and daily life and other occasions. They are universal tools that can improve breathing space, prevent makeup friction, protect your makeup lipstick from adhesion, keep the face clean and tidy. You can reuse bracket to save masks and solve the problem of insufficient masks.

If you want to wholesale these 3d face brackets from facotry directly and get best wholesale price in bulk. Just contact us for details, we will offer you the most competitive pricing.

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