Rose Gua Sha

Jade Gua Sha Massage Tools are a beauty tool used by ancient Chinese beauties to maintain their skin beauty. It is made from 100% natural jade material, contain: tigerite, clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, Redstone, aventurine, xinyi jade, opal, blue-veins stone, xiuyan jade, obsidian, nephrite, and so on. The most popular Rose Quartz Gua sha tools can promote facial blood circulation, improve skin tone and elasticity, dredge facial muscles and lymph nodes, eliminate puffiness and looseness, reduce expression wrinkles, enhance Facial contour, shrink pores, reduce inflammation, and stagnate spots, stimulate the natural skin renewal process Improve overall health, keep skin smooth, and provide a cooling effect. it allows you to enjoy salon spa massage anytime, anywhere.

From Sunmay beauty, you can choose any kind of Gua sha tools for wholesale in bulk. We provide competitive pricing and can customize your logo with a private label for bulk orders. We can also design your own roller shape if you meet the MOQ requirement. Sunmay beauty wholesale jade rollers to worldwide customers including distributors, amazon sellers, Shopify store owners, and salons, etc., With a quick turnaround time, friendly payment method, and guaranteed warranty, we can complete your wholesale orders in a short period of time. Your deal with Sunmay will be happy and secure. Contact us for pricing with your expected quantity, our sales team is ready to help you.

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