2 In 1 Heated Eye Massager and Silicone Facial Brush

You can easily care your face skin and eyes with electric facial cleansing brush massager, On the front is a silicone facial brush with 8000 vibration frequencies, and on the contrary is an eye masseuse that can be heated to 40 degrees. It is designed to surround your eyes and let you get rid of fatigue in an instant.

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2 In 1 Electric Heated Eye Massager and Silicone Facial Brush Wholesale

Model Number: SM-FB-05
How to clean skin deeply and gently? -Find out how this product works
1.8000 times / minute micro-vibration, massage to form hydrodynamic force
Take away the dirt at the bottom of the skin
2.15 stalls adjust the massage intensity to bring you the perfect comfort experience
3. Balance skin oil, improve acne, shrink pores, and recreate impeccable skin
4. Open the skin channel, let the skin care products go straight to the bottom of the skin, do not let expensive skin care products white loss
In addition, it also adds heat care.
Can easily combat black circles, fishtail lines, eye oedema, pouch, eye fatigue and other problems
Thermal nursing can reach a temperature of 40 degrees in 2 minutes and gently cover the eyes with the instrument
Feel warm immediately around the eye, effectively accelerate the blood circulation around the eye, relieve eye fatigue
The function of micro vibration massage around the orbit can effectively reduce the swelling around the eye in only 60 seconds.
Tap gently from nose to ear at the top of the eyelid and on the right side of the eyelid. Take care of each eye for 60 seconds.
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