25CM Swiss Ball With Inflatable Straw

The mini Swiss ball is recognized as one of the effective auxiliaries
It stimulates muscles from multiple angles, increases body flexibility, and improves strength and endurance.
Ideal for stretching and deep relaxation of the body.

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25CM Swiss Ball With Inflatable Straw China Supplier Wholesale

25CM MINI Size
Model Number: SM-Yoga-2
Small auxiliary posture training, easy to practice buttocks
It can also increase the difficulty of plate support, increase strength, and practice the vest line.
Suitable for Pilates, yoga, fitness, physiotherapy, and other training scenes
Anti-skid and explosion-proof
Abrasive surface, enhanced friction, effective anti-skid
Adopt honeycomb microcellular foaming structure, thicken ball wall, explosion-proof
easy take yoga ball
Abrasive surface to anti-skid
Environmental protection material
PVC environmental protection material, no chemical additives, no odor, comfortable touch
Why Choose us?
 Environmental protection material, no worry about health
Small quantity order is ok
Custom Logo Service is ok
sales after service are ok


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