3-in-1 Electric Jade Face Roller

3 In 1 Electric jade roller massager, with 3 different size replacement heads, suitable our whole body skin, nature rose quartz beauty bar, vibration massage the skin, remove dark circles, remove eye bags, fine lines, lifting and make your skin firming.

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3-in-1 Electric Vibration Jade Roller
Size: 165*56mm
Weight: 300g
Material: Nature rose quartz + zinc alloy metal
Battery: 1pcs AA battery
Uses: firm skin, massage and lift

Package Include
1 pc Electric facial massage roller
1 pc Circle jade stone replacement head
1 pc Small circle jade stone replacement head
1 pc Manual
1 pc Plush Pouch
1 pc Gift Box Packing
Battery not included

Main Features
1. 3 In 1 Electric vibration jade roller massager is used nature rose quartz material and zinc alloy metal stick.
2. Small design easy for carrying and also waterproof rollers can rotate by 360 degrees fit all over body skin.
3. 3 massage heads to replacements, different size roller shape suitable to all corner of our skin, creates considerable absorption between the rollers and your skin.
4. Vibration massage to promote face-lift skin tightening and body shaping
5. Improve blood circulation, alleviates tension
6. Make your skin firming and beauty, tighten pores, compact V-shape face, gently lift the skin to increase vitality, and reduce fine lines. Remove dark circles, remove eye bags.

2 in 1 vibration jade roller 3 in 1 vibration jade roller 3 in 1 electric jade roller bar 4 in 1 vibration jade roller massager


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