3D Faux Mink False Eyelash Synthetic

False Eyeslashes become more and more popluar nowadays. Almost every makeup lover has lashes in their daily routines. Wearing extended lashes can not only make eyelashes more plump, but also create interesting effects. It can reach a the effect that makeup cannot do. So today, eyelashes are becoming a must for many girls. If you are in the business line of makeup or eyelashes, and want to find a reliable supplier with strict quality control, guaranteed warranty, private label service and fair price. Look no more, tell us your needs right now.

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Product Name:  3D Faux Mink   |  Eyelashes Material: Synthetic hair

Lash Band: Black Cotton Band  |  Lash Length: 9 mm – 25 mm

False Eyelashes Style: Natural Long  |  Thickness:0.07MM

Curl1: CC  |  Curl2: L  | Curl3: B  |  Curl4: D

Packaging: Free Plastic Box or Customized Boxes  |  Private Label: Acceptable, MOQ 50 pairs


Why do people like eyelashes?

1. Wearing false eyelashes will not replace or damage the original eyelashes.

2. False eyelashes can be waterproof, no need to worry about raining or sweating to make the false eyelashes fade.

3. False eyelashes can make your eyes look more prominent, improve the appearance and outline of your eyes.

4. Some false eyelashes can be reused and can replace mascara, thus saving the cost of use.

5. Wearing false eyelashes often makes people more confident and looks more attractive in social situations.

Here are some of the most popular 3d faux mink eyelashes for choice. We provide private label service from the MOQ 50 pairs. So you can brand you own logo on your package with a small budget.

3D Faux Mink Lash 25mm Different Styles Wholesale


Where to source eyelashes for bulk orders?

Almost 85% of the world’s false eyelashes are made in China. And 70% of the manufacturers are in the pingdu city in Qingdao, China. If you have bulk order or want to find a direct manufacturer to save your budget, you have to look for some suppliers in China.

But, sometimes, buyers get some pain points when sourcing internationally: 1. Some manufacturer don’t speak English and don’t know international shipping, taxes or custom. 2. Some manufacturers set a very high minimum order quantity for private label service. 3. Some people disguise themselves as a manufacturer and sell products with very cheap price and do not ship products after buyers paid money. 4. No after services.

Sunmay Beauty has a lot of experiences in sourcing, international trading, shipping, payment and after services. We ship a huge quantity of beauty products to overseas customers every year. You will be guaranteed if you work with us. We not only keep the price fair, but also ensure the customers to be satisfied.


3D Faux Mink Eyelash Manufacturers 3

Sunmay beauty work directly with a lot of eyelash manufacturers based in China, no matter what kind of eyelashes you are looking for. Sunmay will help you source the right products for you.


How to start eyelash business online.

Once you wholesale high quality eyelashes from your supplier. The next import thing is to find the best sales channel. Except the local store, if you want to start your businss selling eyelashes online, these are the best platforms to gain customers and sell quickly. You can open an online store or build your own e-commerce website to start your business:

1. Open an Amazon store

2. Open an Ebay store

3. Open an Joom store

4. Build a Shopify website

5. Ad your website by Facebook ads

6. Ad your website by goolgle shopping ads

7. Collect followers at Tiktok

8. Collect followers at Instagram

If you want to know about our products or have any question about business, contact us freely, we are open to discuss anything with you.




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