3D Gold Massage Stick

Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory precious metal, is a great beauty tool raw materials choice, it can not only manually scroll your skin, but also install AA battery to produce vibration.
Before massage, apply a little skin care products to help you absorb them better.
We can customize and restate the brand for you on the product.
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3D gold massage stick details

3D gold massage stick size

3D Gold Massage Stick Using Tips:
1. When first use, please gently massage the part you want to massage at a frequency of 3-5 minutes, three times a day, gently massage the skin.
(fast face-lifting tips: the instrument handle is facing up. Do the lifting action)
2. After 2.4-5 days, after your skin is fully adapted, you can arrange a massage according to your own time.
3. The massage technique is to lift the lower body upwards and massage the upper body downwards. The face should be from the inside out, from the bottom up massage.
4. The solar panel above the fuselage is used to generate micro-current, please remember not to cover it with your hands during massage.
5. If your skin has a slight painful feeling, it is normal, it is because the massage roller is in the normal reaction of squeezing fat. When doing a face-lifting massage, please massage with your neck, chin, and two squats while maintaining the strength and time average of the bilateral massage.
6. Please wipe with a dry towel after each use to avoid any cosmetic or sebum on the rollers. May appear brown spots due to oxidation. (If this happens,) use a small amount of face lotion or toothpaste to wash off with a brush.
7. When used in bathing, dry the water on the wheels, dry the water with a dry towel and put it in a ventilated place to dry.

3D Gold Massage Stick Parameter Information:
Model Number: SEM-HYJ-001-1
N.W: 75g
G.W :218g
Size: 15.5*5.5*5.5cm

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