4 Pedal Tension Device

It is necessary to have a sports aid, which can help you do sit-up training and exercise your waist muscles.
And the power of the arm. It allows you to exercise at no limit to the field.
And the weight is extremely light, easy to carry.
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Model Number: SM-LLQ
4 Pedal Tension Device Features:
1. High-density NBR environmentally friendly foam cotton material, reducing skidding situation
2. The tension device adopts four tubes thickened and thickened TPE tension tube, the color is beautiful, the tension strength is not easy to break.
3. Handle wrapped in environmentally friendly foam cotton-strong ability to absorb sweat
How to Use The Device?
1. For waist exercise
Sitting on a yoga mat,
Put your feet flat and put them in the middle of him.
Hold the handle in both hands
With the strength of the waist to lie back, the body lies flat on the yoga mat
Repeated several times, you can effectively exercise the waist, reduce waist fat
tension device For waist exercise
2.For shoulder training
The body stands up and places both feet in the fixed foot
Hold the handle in both hands and pull it up and down
It is recommended to use each group 16 times, repeat 3 times 4 groups
Tension device For shoulder training
3.For hand training
Place two feet in a fixed foot
Complete 90 °bending
Then hold your arms in both hands and pull them back and forth with uniform force.
Holding the tensioner upward in the palm of the hand can exercise the inner muscles of the arm
Tension devision For hand training
4.For waist training
The body lies flat on the yoga mat
Hold the pull handle in both hands,
Put your feet on the pedal
Push your feet forward,
Repeat 16 times/group, can effectively exercise leg muscle and waist strength
Tension device 4.For waist training
Quickly and effectively become a muscular person.
how to become a muscular person becoming how to become a muscular person use tension device supplier china


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