5 IN 1 Beauty Care Massager

New 5 in 1 beauty care massager waterproof electric facial cleansing brush is made of environmental protection material ABS, 360-degree rotation design, 2 adjustable massage levels, with 5 brush heads for deep cleansing, removing makeup, removing blackhead, gently exfoliating, and massaging.

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5 IN 1 Beauty Care Massager
Technical Parameters
Model Number: SM-8782
Material: ABS
Size: 13*7*4cm
Battery: 2* AA battery
Color: pink
Usage: Deep cleansing, removing makeup, removing blackhead, gently exfoliating and massaging
Weight: 200g
Warranty: One year

Package Include
1 pc Beauty Care Massager
5 pc Brush Heads
1 pc Manual Instructions
1 pc Packing box

Main Features
1. Environmental protection material ABS, resistant to bacterial buildup.
2. With 5 different function brush heads.
3. 360-degree rotation design for deep cleansing, removing blackhead, gently exfoliating, and massaging.
4. 2 adjustable vibration massage levels.
5. IPX5 Waterproof & easy to clean.
6. Performance better work together with facial cleanser or face cream.

5 Brush Heads Function
1. Purple Pumice Stone Head: It can effectively remove the dead skin and aging keratin of the face, promote the regeneration of facial skin, and let the delicate and smooth skin return to the face. It can also be used to polish thicker nail layers.
2. Metal Massage Attachment Head: The built-in 4 balls can be used for facial massage at any time during the rolling process, soothing nerves, accelerating blood circulation, and gentle massage. (The effect is better after applying moisturizer or essential oil!)
3. Sponge Beauty Head: After washing the face, you can use this massage head to massage the face again, further alleviating the fatigue of the facial skin, soothing the nerves, and improving the blood circulation of the skin.
4. Foam Cotton Head: Combine facial cleanser or facial cleansing gel to cleanse the face. Wet your face, apply a facial cleanser, and wash your face with this machine. It is not only convenient and comfortable but also cleans the dirt in small pores and massages the face.
5. Facial Brush Head: Apply with a facial cleanser, clean the dirt on the face, the soft and fine bristles can be effectively clean the dirt and dust of the pores when washing your face, and give the face a delicate and soft refreshing enjoyment.

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