Automatic Nail Scissors

Such a Automatic Nail Scissors is necessary for every family.
It has eight different grinding heads and is suitable for the different needs of parents and children.
And it is mute design, do not affect the child’s sleeping condition, better trim the child’s nails.
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Automatic Nail Scissors is an ideal tool for small portable household.
It is a safe and effective alternative to metal scraper, easy to shake hands in line with ergonomic design, exquisite appearance, after thousands of repeated tests, products meet international safety standards, through CE\ ROHS and other international certification, well received by the majority of customers.
Automatic Nail Scissors Parameters:
Size: 200*150*70MM
Material: ABS
Supply: Charging
Bidirectional rotation & Easy Switch & Mute motor
Automatic Nail Scissors Functions:
1. Easily remove rough dead skin and calluses from the feet to reveal soft skin.
2. Full body washing function, cleaner and more hygienic, after use can be directly put into the water to rinse clean.
3. Complete function, manicure set equipped with 8 different functions of grinding head, can be replaced according to your needs, farewell to the traditional manual manicure file, electric manicure instrument to make manicure easier to operate, at home can easily create the charm of nails.
4. Safe, convenient, do not hurt hands, multi-angle bright armour, whether at home or travel are convenient to carry cleaning and convenience
This is a rechargeable style with drying function. Multicolor optional, exquisite gift box packing.
The whole set of instruments includes:
  • one whole machine,
  • one exquisite outer box,
  • eight nail polishing and grinding heads, 
  • one packing color box.

Automatic Nail Scissors




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