Baby Nail Grinder (For Adult As Well)

Babies in infancy are often scratched by nails and tend to leave scars on their faces.
However, nails are too short, easy to hurt meat, nails are too long. And easy to hide dirt.
A professional nail grinder is suggested to help your child trim a perfect nail.
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Nail Grinder Parameters:

Model Number: SM-MJQ-Baby
N.W: 185G
Material: ABS
Supply: 2*AA battery

Nail Grinder is an ideal tool for small portable household use, it is a safe and effective alternative to the metal scraper, eeasy handshake handle in line with ergonomic design, exquisite appearance, must let you love it.

It can also easily remove rough dead skin and calluses from the feet to reveal soft skin.

Full body washing function, cleaner and more hygienic, after use, can be directly put into the water to rinse clean.

The manicure kit is equipped with six grinding heads with different functions,

which can be replaced at will according to your needs.


multifunction nail Grinder for baby and mommy

What did they use for?

No. 1: Cylindrical grinding head (for an adult):  Trim edge crevice
No. 2: Rough grinding head (for baby):  Manicure around the dead skin, calluses (more than 12 months)
No. 3: Fine grinding head (for baby):  Fine grinding repair, perfect nail shape (4 – 11 months)
No. 4: Wool polishing head (for an adult):  Polishing nails and cleaning base dead skin
No. 5: Metalhead (for an adult): Refined surface
No. 6: Fine grinding head (for baby):  Fine grinding, round nails (0 – 3 months)

pink blue wholesale Baby Nail Grinder for boy for girl


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# We accept small orders or no minimum.
# Factory direct price without middleman to keep your benefits.
# We are able to help clients to customize logos or packing boxes.

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