Body Shaping Fascia Rod

Sitting in the office for a long time, stiff muscles?
Often bow your head to play with your cell phone, neck and shoulder sore?
Do you want to relax your muscles before and after exercise?
You need “me”!
It offered at cost price now, contact to get OEM service or factory price.

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I want to …

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Fascia Rod Parameter:
Model Number: SM-AMG001
Length: 44CM
Material: ABS

Fascia Rod Functions:
1 Relax the fascia and relieve the stiffness of soft-tissue muscles.
2. Anti-skid handle, rubber handle with particle design to prevent skidding when in use
3. Silent massage, selection of high-quality materials, no noise in the process of relaxing muscles
4. At any time and anywhere, the massage stick is small in size and easy to carry.

When Use the Fascia Rod?
Warm-up before exercise, delay the occurrence of fatigue, increase muscle activity and increase the range of bone movement
Relaxation after exercise, roller massage is the basic supplement to tensile exercise, greatly reducing discomfort or ordinary soreness
Long-term use, reduce soreness and increase body performance
wholesale massager stick physical sample picture
Why Choose us?
# We accept small orders or no minimum.
# Factory direct price without a middleman to keep your benefits.
# We are able to help clients to customize logos or packing boxes.



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