Car Air Fresheners

The pollution on the road is more serious than you think.
The air in the car is mixed with a variety of toxic gases and fumes, which are potentially harmful to
your health and your family’s health. On-board air purifier with five fine filtration, can effectively
remove pollutants in the car. Reject harmful gases and secondhand smoke, so that you and your
family can also enjoy forest breathing in the car

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Car Air Fresheners

Model Number: SM-JHQ

The new car air purifier in 2019 enjoys the freshness and intelligence of the forest, take control of it in one hand

and let your breath go as you please.

Everything in order to stand in the consumer’s point of view, brand new whole-hearted service,

Pay attention to the user experience, consumer’s support, listen to their voices.


Car Air Fresheners Function:

Built-in intelligent chip, can automatically detect air quality:

detect Air intelligently car air fresheners


Remote control
Infrared remote controller, which can adjust wind speed and switch machine from a long distance,
so that you can also operate safely while driving.

safe driving car air fresheners china supplier


Made of Saigang material, the heat resistance function is very powerful, even in the hot summer,
there is no need to worry about heat damage.

high quality car air freshener wholesale

  • Pre-filter: filters large particles such as human and animal hair
  • Activated carbon filter: filter smoke and other odours
  • TVOC filter: filtration of harmful gases such as benzene, methanol, etc.
  • HEPA filter: filtration bacteria, PM2.5 and other suspended fine particles

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# We accept small orders or no minimum.
# Factory direct price without middleman to keep your benefits.
# We are able to help client to custome logo or packing box.



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