Car Deformaldehyde Humidifier

What can the product do for you?

1.Remove formaldehyde, sterilize, remove flavor, make ozone to purify air
2. Quiet and low noise, the interior environment of the car is more comfortable
3. H12 high efficiency dust removal filter, 360 °bucket filter core


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Car Deformaldehyde Humidifier Parameter:

Strainer: C12 HEPA
Water Yield: 80ML
Available room: <10m³
Material:Aluminum +ABS


Operational Guidelines:

Click: turn on air purification mode
Press two: turn on humidification and purification mode
Press three: turn on humidification mode
Press four: shut down the machine and stop all functions


How it works?

Liquid water is atomized into micron water molecules by ultrasonic wave. In the mode of  humidification and purification, the micron mist diffuses further. Five hours of long-term humidification, drive away dry, wet air


Design of Anti-dry Burning Protection
There is an intelligent induction device in the interior. In pure humidification mode, once the
phenomenon of lack of water and dry burning occurs, the humidification purifier will be
automatically turned off.

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