Core Stability Training Balance Plate

 If you have a poor balance, you won’t be able to do a lot of balance-related actions, in addition, it can endanger your health in serious cases.
1. the risk of falling death is increased,you know? falling death is the first cause of death caused by injury in the elderly.
2. Prone to paroxysmal vertigo, tinnitus, deafness and headache
3. After the decrease of balance force, the exercise ability is limited and the opportunity of muscle exercise is reduced.
Joints are more vulnerable to injury
4. There is a correlation between the reaction stress and the equilibrium force, and the exercise balance force can improve the reaction stress.
Let’s pay attention to our ability to balance.
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Model Number: SM-PHB-R
What is “Balance Plate”?
Balance Plate is one of the common tools used in functional training, usually made of hardwood
or plastic, with a position of 180 °and 360 °imbalance.

You can Standing, Touch forward and back and Standing with one leg. That can increases balance  Control and promotes foot somatosensory.

More exercise methods:

1. Bow step
The next leg in the bow step position is on the balance plate, which can effectively improve the strength of the leg muscle.
There will be additional stability training during your exercise
Play a further role in balance, control, core force and so on.

exercise the leg at balance plate
2. Sitting posture
Sit on the balance plate, hands support the ground, legs too high to maintain balance
In the process of exercise, it is more conducive to mastering the balance of the body and maintaining flexibility.

improve your blance with tool


Balance Plate Features:
-used at any site

-Portable convenience

-High quality material

-Stable training

-Healthy body building

-Spherical base design
Support 360 °rotation, 12 °20 °tilt

-A Foot Massage
Solve your frequent foot pain and foot cramps

-Health and safety
Selected high quality materials are non-toxic and tasteless, rest assured of the use of the whole  family

-Frosted panel
Abrasive anti-skid pad to ensure the safety in the process of use, good anti-skid performance

how to use balance plate


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