Disposable Shower Bath Caps Individually Wrapped

No peculiar smell, no impurities, oil and dustproof, light and durable, waterproof, not easy to break, disposable shower cap, 100 pieces per pack. These elastic shower caps are made of high-quality transparent plastic to ensure that they will not tear during bathing. Don’t worry about water flowing through the lid when enjoying the shower. These hats are adjustable and elastic, which is very suitable for men, women, people with short or long hair. It is large enough to fit the head of most adults. In addition to shower rooms and hair salons, it can also be used as covers, shoe covers, shoe travel bags, pipe bags, wet bags, dog poop bags, camera cases, etc. These disposable shower caps can protect shoes from silt and water stains. Perfect packaging, easy to transport. Very suitable for family use, hotel, hair care, spa, solarium, camping and travel.

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It is undeniable that after a long day of daily work, hair care has a beneficial effect on our physical and mental health. The disposable shower cap is made of high-quality plastic with delicate edges and elastic bands. No impurities, more durable. If you want to enjoy the perfect shower, you should need it.

In addition, the product has many other functions, such as:

1. Protect hats, clothes and shoes: Use as a hat/shoe cover to keep the hat/shoes away from dust. Used as a travel shoe bag to protect clothes from dirty shoes.
2. Camera maintenance: keep them dry and clean.
3. Diet care: stay away from flies and enjoy food.
4. Plant care: Cover the seedlings with a shower cap to keep warm and moisturize and observe their germination.

Easy to use and carry: The product is compressed, light in weight and easy to transport. You can put it in a bag according to the number of people when you go out. It is very convenient to use. Tighten the elastic band with both hands and place it on the wearing parts. Package includes: 100 shower caps.

Note: Please be careful to keep it away from ignition sources or sharp objects to avoid damage.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. We focus on the quality and service issues of each product.


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